Educational Groups

Who We ServeAt the Team and Leadership Center, we’re interested in helping you instill life-long, transformative lessons in your school group.Through our programming we can effectively teach on topics such as cooperative learning, respect, character development, and practical life skills. We’re glad to assist you by:

  • Encouraging meaningful participation
  • Promoting physical activity through activities and team games
  • Developing positive social interaction between peers and adults
  • Boosting a sense of competency and achievement among group members

We’re glad to provide a variety of team building options for your school group on our dynamic low challenge course, high teams course, and challenge tower. We can also create a custom program and come to you!



We offer:

  • Low Challenge Course: instrumental in providing transferable education experiences, assimilates new students to a group, and can encourage student to appreciate diversity and strengths and gifts of other team members
  • Challenge Tower: a helpful initiative for goal setting, overcoming fears, teaching students to push past pre-conceived limits, and teamwork
  • High Teams Course: develops trust, team building, and problem solving