Church and Youth Groups

churchandyouthJesus often used parables to teach radical, life-altering ideas. The team activities we take part of at the TLC are designed to transform lives, create unity, and explore what it means to live biblically. At the TLC, we are well equipped to serve a large variety of faith-based groups, and tailor our activities to the needs and greater good of your group.

We’re glad to help you by:

  • Creating lessons which involve seeing Scripture come to life
  • Adding an experiential learning element to your retreat
  • Helping your group overcome fears
  • Preparing participants for mission trips
  • Exploring attitudes and conflicts which sometimes hinder groups
  • Teaching experiential lessons on the topic of trust of God and others
  • Empowering church leaders through effective leadership training
  • Blending fun with challenge, self-discovery, and spiritual growth

All of our workshops can be implemented to teach the importance of fellowship, obedience, evangelism, discipleship, grace, and faith. We do this through lessons that develop character, encourage interaction and communication, and facilitate team development and problem solving.