Adaptive and Inclusive Programming

Participants in a TLC Challenge CourseOne of the students on the design team for the Team and Leadership Center’s challenge course facility had a brother who had recently lost lower body mobility in a motorcycle accident. It motivated the team to factor accessibility into the course. Access trails that lead to many elements were built to ADA standards; creative twists on traditional elements became universal or adaptable group challenges. Special equipment and training have provided even more access to high events than the original design envisioned.

We avoid labels because everyone brings her/his own challenges and fears. But we want to share some of the things that some would consider barriers to most traditional experiential programming. Our participants did not let those challenges keep them from coming and experiencing success here. The Team and Leadership Center has provided programming for clients in recovery or wheelchairs, and with prosthetics, PTSD, CP, visual or impairments, ADD, ADHD, LD, and Autism. All have fully participated along with their friends and coworkers in our team building events.

Man with prosthetic leg climbing wall

SomeĀ of our therapeutic partners have included Blue Ridge Treks, Black Mountain Academy, Legacy Freedom, Wolf Creek Academy, Carolina Day Key School, and Buncombe County Schools.