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Corporate Development

Effective teams are built through trust, understanding, respect, conflict-resolution, collaboration, problem solving, and work/life balance. Our passion at the Team and Leadership Center at Montreat College is creating experiences where your team can grow together in interdependence, communication, and effectiveness. Our corporate team building events equip men and women who are ready to make a difference in the workplace.  We'll help your team get where you want to go. Here's what we can offer for your team:
  • Challenge Course: Engage in team building exercises on our High Teams Course, Challenge Tower, and through other group initiatives.
  • Corporate Workshops: Experiential team activities with a dynamic curriculum.
  • Leadership Training: Encourage leadership development and expose your team's potential.
  • Meeting Starters: Energize your team and learn other great ways to begin meetings.
  • Personality Profiles: Uncover your team's unique gifts and strengths.
  • Group Dynamics: Understand how your team works together.
  • Resolving Conflict: Using conflict to create opportunities for growth.
  • Custom programs: Our custom corporate team building events are designed to best meet your group's needs.

Expect Results

  • Team Bonding: Introduce new members to your team; strengthen existing relationships
  • Motivation Programming: Bring a spark to your team dynamics through energizers
  • Team Improvement: Build on existing foundation, deepen relationships, push through preconceived limits

Partner with us. We can come to your site, or you can join us at the Team and Leadership Center at Montreat College

TLC at Montreat College

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